Down the old watering hole

Located quite close to Raglan, Wai (Water) Tomo (Hole / Shaft) is a beautiful area best known for  the Waitomo Caves and Black Water Rafting 

Waitomo Caves

The jaw dropping Waitomo Caves are a must do, there are officially 300 mapped caves in this area, with all sorts of activities available to explore. Been & Seen Travel loves the Glowworms in these caves, they are spectacular. The caves come to life with a constellation of glowing worms peacefully decorating the walls and roof and giving an almost extra-terrestrial feel. However the real fun is in getting active, donning a wetsuit and getting underground on a 'black water rafting' trip. There are so many caves to explore and there are guided tours 7 days a week visiting different caves. Depending on your mode of travel you can fit this nicely into your trip as a one day excursion.

Black Water Rafting

What began as a special treat for a brave few has developed into a spectacular tourist attraction that gives visitors of all ages the chance to abseil, weave, jump, climb, and float through a glowworm-studded subterranean wonderland at Waitomo Caves. There are lots of different trips into these caves but our pick would have to be TumuTumu tubing! You use old car tyre inner tubes to explore the cave by walking, wading, swimming and tubing past weird rock formations, stalactite & stalagmites lit up by thousands of glowworms. Black Water Rafting is one of the best known activities in New Zealand, let alone the north island, and is one Been & Seen highly recommends!