Why Book With An Agency? - How Could It Be Cheaper & How Do we make Money?

A great question which we are always, always asked, and used to ask ourselves before we became involved in this industry. Suppliers need agencies so they can sell more product. As a result, agencies are given a margin on all products we sell. The suppliers don't offer these discounts as well, otherwise, agencies would stop working with them. Therefore we can give discounts. The more you buy, the better the discount, this also applies to groups! 

Does This Make It Better For Customers?

Absolutely! If you are going to travel to activity rich areas like Australia and New Zealand, not only will it be cheaper to package and book through an agency, but we will take the stress away and help organise your trip. Using the experience and expertise of Been & Seen Travel you can rely on us to make a plan that works with the time you have. 

So What Makes Been & Seen Travel Different?

To Answer This Simply, We Ask The Following 3 Questions!

  • Would you accept a restaurant recommendation from someone who has not eaten there?

  • Would you take a movie recommendation from someone who had not seen it?

  • Would you take travel advice for a country from someone who has not been there or done the tours?

Unfortunately, for question number 3, most people do! Been & Seen Travel deals in once in a lifetime countries, places you may only go to once, and with so much to do, it is easy to get lost in the noise.

It's about you!!

Too many agencies prey on ignorance, and know what they are going to sell you before they even speak to you, and often at a grossly inflated price! We want to give you the trip you deserve, something that suits your needs and we are here to help you along your entire journey. 

Most agencies will only push and sell you operators they have beneficial relationships with, usually with better margins for their pockets, agents in turn will only sell what they are told to sell.

We are free to choose operators we think best suit you and your trip. The operators we work with are the operators we know are the best. However, if there are specific operators you would like to use, we are happy to book that for you too. Honesty, Quality & Integrity are our core values, so why not speak to us and see if we can help you realise your dream trip!

Authentic, Quality & Good Value Trips

Our staff have not only been and seen all the destinations on our site, we have been and seen them with many different operators. We know which are the best quality and most importantly, the best value! Often family and/or locally owned, Been & Seen stands by some amazing operators, companies that go beyond commercial success, and have pride in what they do and how they do it. Like them, we do this because we love travelling, and want to pass this knowledge onto people who have made the decision to see these places for themselves. It truly is a labour of love!

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