Why would you stray off the beaten track?

South East Asia is a tourist mecca. Landing in any of the major centres and hitting the tourist trails will often see you in the same bars, the same boats and sharing the same full moon parties with the same people. Now don't get us wrong South East Asia has the power to wow you at every turn. It's a land full of surprises but ask anyone who has been and quite often it feels 'touristy'. The irony is, most people think avoiding these bus passes gives them a more authentic experience - IT IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!

HOP-ON / HOP-OFF PASSES (Thailand -Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos)

Stray's awesome Hop-On / Hop-Off philosophy means you can relax and stay as long as you like wherever captures your heart, and jump back on a fully professional and awesomely fun tour bus when you are ready for your next adventure - time is on your side.

*(displayed prices may vary slightly based on international exchange rates)

Stray Flexi Tours

Stray Flexi Tours are the best way for you to actually see all the stuff the other tourists don't! Why? Local knowledge and expert guides - want to add more to your story besides ping pong shows and buckets of whiskey? Stray Flexi!!

*(displayed prices may vary slightly based on international exchange rates)


Is it Expensive?

Actually No! Let's cut to the chase, you can travel South East Asia for next to nothing. Lonely Planet began with a book called South East Asia on a shoestring. $7 Massages. Beers for $1. This region is not expensive. However, the research that goes into planning a trip like the ones these guys do - Priceless! Not only that but it's the best way to explore, meet like minded people and be shown places drunken backpackers don't even realise to get out of bed for. These passes will leave you feeling inspired and excited for each day you spend here. People often come to S.E Asia and wax all the cash they have partying at back to back Full Moon parties or get ripped off by bad tour operators. Stray remove all danger of being hustled and you always know you are getting a quality product. Trust us when we say paranoia and lack of trust in countries like these are easy to manifest - with Stray - you have NO WORRIES!

Buy a pass before you go. You won't think about it or regret it. You will give yourself a plan that's been put together through years of trial and error, painful boarder crossings and an attitude of getting deeper into the heart of South East Asia than most expect to see.