Travel is about community, and we love ours. 

Our partners, our mates, our network, our friends.  Our community is made up of people, teams and organisations with passion. 

Community makes travel better. You can travel and help people by providing water or volunteering to build houses, wells and helping communities to build good healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 

Organisations that save the oceans, the whales, the turtles, the dolphins. Networks who help connect travellers with jobs, homes and new friends. Helping people in need and bringing up issues, like suicide and depression that need to be talked about. All these things need to be a part of all our lives. So check out our mates and feel free to click on em' and head to their sites to join the cause. 

We like to share ideas with friends and having a good network makes travelling the best it can be. 


Vinaka Volunteering

The Yasawa Island chain is incredible. Vinaka Volunteering enables you to help the locals improve the some of the basic needs like shelter, heath and education. The Yasawas Trust was established the volunteers to help in the remote Yasawa Islands. Get out there explore these islands and take some time to help the locals they need it now more than ever.


Waves for Water

Become a clean water courier. Waves4Water is about bringing clean water into communities who don't have it. you can fundraise, donate and also purchase water filters to courier all over the world and bring water to those who need it.


Worldpackers use the motto "Travelling changes people. People change the world... We love that! They help people find unique places and exchange skills for accomodation. Work for your bed and experience local culture like never before. check them out.

Sea Shepherd

If you don't know Sea Sheppard you should. These guys are trying to save our oceans and help the creatures in our sea. They protect marine environments all over the world and supporting them supports a future for our oceans. Get on board.


Hostelling international & YHA

Hostelling International and the Youth Hostel Association are not for profit organisation set up to help youth travel the world and develop a better understanding of the people and cultures they encounter. They have created a network of hostels who proudly join the network so around the world you can expect certain standards within the accomodation providers who represent them.