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It's about great Places, better People and amazing Experiences... 

Step out into the unknown!

Our story is about better planning for the places we have 'Been & Seen'. We specialize in our backyard: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and South East Asia. We are yet to have 'Been and Seen' everywhere in the world but we spend every day enjoying the journey getting us there! 

Created by Joel Walton and Rowan Brennan, Been & Seen Travel is designed to educate and empower all those looking for adventure in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji! Quality, honest travel advice delivered without bias or incentive, but through raw experience! To create a travel agency, free from supplier contracts and bias towards certain operators, to avoid providing every traveller with the exact same trip. To serve the customer, and not ourselves is the priority! To understand this better, please visit our Trust Page.



Joel Walton grew up in the pacific, in Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. He was always in love with travel and the stoke that you get from the people, places and experiences on the road. With over ten years experience in the tourism industry he saw that the only thing he wanted to do was help people to travel and so Been & Seen Travel was born. Joel sees travel as a way to help people to grow and open your mind to learn about the world.   



Rowan Brennan is an old friend of Joel's, they met while working in Byron Bay. After catching up for a beer in Dublin years ago, Rowan was captivated by Joel's desire to do things differently. Living back in his native Ireland, he could not help but to get involved in an industry he longed to return to. Rowan worked with Joel to build Been & Seen Travel into what you see today - a great community where people plan dream trips and experience the world we live in. 

We are a team of travellers with lots of experience who want to see people given honest advice. We want to create a network of people and share all our stories and create a tribe of travellers being the best they can be.

We want to inspire you to reach your travel dreams and offer any help we can in getting you to the places you want to go. We use the experience we have to get you there. 

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring,
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Elliot